When can I enroll my children?

You can enroll your children anytime as long as our student capacity is still vacant.

When does the application period starts?

Our application period is already started, you can ask for details from our Contact form.

Is there a uniform or specific school's bag?

Yes we have our cute original uniform, school backpack, cotton bag and casual wear t-shirt designed by Japanese designer.


When do the gates open and when does the last class end?

We open the gate from 8AM and our last lesson ends at 2PM, but we can offer extended nursing time until 4:30 PM.

How can I drop off my kids at AIKB?

You can drop your children off by yourself, or using our pick-up bus service.

How far is AIKB's pick-up bus service route?

Our service route covers from Asoke to Onnut areas.

Daily Life

My children can't change their clothes by themselves, will it be alright?

No worries! We'll help supporting and teaching them in getting dress together in the daily life of the kindergarten.

Is it okay if I don't bring my little one's diapers to school?

We support each children individually and also help their toilet training.

School Meal

Is it okay to prepare and bring my kid's lunch pack instead of taking school lunch?

We already prepare the meal that's rich in nutrition and allergy-free.

Is it possible to make a request on my children's medication during the day-care?

Of course, please give us medicine dosage information to us and we'll help support your children's medication.


I'd like to know each expenses in AIKB.

Please see the full details from the page Fees.